Technologies and processings

Mtv Microtecnica Veronese is specialized in high precision machining for the construction of micro-parts components for third parties, using semifinished parts starting from 1 up to 60 mms diameter.
We usually work with alloys made with brass, copper, bronze, berillium copper, aluminium, ergal, authomatic steels, stainless steels, titanium, mumetal, technical plastics like Peek, Delrin, Nylon, celeron, vespel.
We can delivery orders starting from 2/3 up to milion pieces, using customer’s technical drawing. Thanks to our Technical Department and our employees knowledges, we can take care of the whole production process: from the design of the piece, to the processing, up to the delivery of the product in your warehouse.

We work with different sectors with following products:
  • Automotive : spacers and probes
  • Food industry: filling needles
  • Electronic: electronic contact, connectors, probes for printed circuits check, pogo pin
  • Gas: components for high-pressure use, various fittings
  • Flame:  welding points
  • Marble: flame nozzle for granite
  • Measuring tools: precision components, micro springs
  • Military/Defence
  • Shoes industry: Punches for cutting banches
  • Medical: handpieces, needles, heads for laser drills

Our machines

MTV can rely on up-dated and different machines, which can realize finished product in only one step, starting from small up to big quantities. We daily work with 40 machines, with following ...


Turning, milling, mechanical grinding and many other workings Our CNC-lathes with sliding headstock allow us to realize many workings, for example: turning, drilling, milling, micro-drilling, ...
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